Our Care


Southside Group Homes provides the least restrictive supports possible and allows each person we serve the freedom of personal choice.


Our residential groups home and support staff provide an environment that allows individuals to make safe, informed choices about how they wish to live.


We organize many different types of activities such as barbecues and outdoor activities at our home open to residents and family. All of our activities are open to family.


Safety is number one in our home. We have a dedicated staff to insure all residence safety 24/7.

Our Staff

Our staff works day to day with our residence. We strive to find friendly knowledgeable staff who truly care about our residence. They are fully certified and have passed a background check.

The Genius of Small

We believe by keeping our organization small so we can have better communication between management and support staff. Each home only has four residence and a full time staff. This small family dynamic helps create a home rather than institution feel.

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